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Optima Red Top 4.2S

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Nominal Voltage 12 Volt
Nominal Capacity (20hr rate) 50 Ah
CCA (EN) 815
Reserve Capacity 100 mins
Length 254 mm
Width 175 mm
Total Height 200 mm
Weight 17.2 kg
Warranty 2 Year

OPTIMA REDTOP™ Starter batteries

The OPTIMA RedTop, with its unequaled capacity has the power to start large diesel engines or other heavy equipment using the same compact battery you can use in your car. 

The looks alone generate plenty of excitement. Made for tuner, truck, SUV, and 4 x 4 vehicles: Optima batteries can withstand the high under-hood temperatures in vehicles with performance engines. The sealed cells make the battery spill-proof, even if you install it on its side! There’s no chance of potential damage from battery acid.

In addition, the patented Spira lcell Technology® in Optima batteries immobilizes the internal components of the battery, enabling Optima batteries to withstand incredible amounts of vibration.

•Optimal starting power regardless of temperature

•15 times better vibration resistance and up to 2 times longer life than traditional batteries

•Long storage time


•Maintenance free

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