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HZB EV 12-55

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Nominal Voltage 12 Volt
Nominal Capacity (20hr rate) 55 Ah
Technology VRLA
Terminal M6 Internal thread
Length 229 mm
Width 138 mm
Total Height 214 mm
Weight 17 kg
Warranty 1 Year


Maximum capacity within Five cycles and keeps delivering long after the others are on the scrap heap. 

HAZE R&D has resulted in SPECIAL CHEMICAL and PROCESS technology to ensure consistency and performance. 

Tough ABS case with INSERT TERMINALS as standard, smaller sizes with FASTON.

AGM Technology delivers GOOD CYCLE LIFE, cranking amps, general power and deep discharge capability.

HAZE ELECTRIC VEHICLE AGM always delivers when you need it, whatever your DC requirement in extreme situations. 

Battery Charging: 

To obtain the optimum cycle life performance from the Haze EV range it is vital that the correct charging profile is utilised. Haze specifies a charging profile with an equilizing/desulphation phase as detailed in the Haze document “Charging - Cyclic Applications” for flat pasted plates. 

Cycle Life:

To ensure maximum cycle life it is recommended that the battery be fully recharged as soon as possible after use. Cycle life is very dependant on the depth of discharge (DOD).

The following is a guide to the number of cycles expected.

100% DOD - 270 cycles

75% DOD - 350 cycles

50% DOD - 550 cycles 

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