When you recycle your batteries with Supac, you can be assured of dealing with a company that has been handling the movement of lead acid batteries for over 60 years. Our in-depth knowledge of battery technology through our manufacturing heritage enables us to provide flexible solutions for all industry sectors.

Lead is a valuable resource and one which is not being recycled in the volumes that we would expect. By clicking the link below you can request the collection of your old batteries, or ask for a quotation for them. We also supply b attery storage containers to safely and legally store your waste batteries.

When you contact us to arrange collection, a member of staff will take down all the necessary details which will enable the Environmental Consignment note to be completed correctly. This process can done automatically through our website.

The request is then processed through our logistics department and you will be notified of the arrangements a few days before the actual collection takes place.

Service details:

  • Batteries will be collected within 10 days of a collection request;
  • All batteries will be electronically weighed on arrival at our premises;
  • Self billing invoice & cheque will then be sent back to you within 10 days of the collection;
  • Non-lead acid chemistries will be removed and dealt with separately;
  • All batteries will be for End-of-Life;
  • Batteries will only be sent to EA approved smelters;
  • UK wide collection service

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