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İnci Battery Gel Series
İnci Battery Gel Series offers the most appropriate solution with the quality of İnci Akü in needs of high electric power with its long service life, safe use and short charging time.

With the specially designed gel electrolyte structure, İnci Battery Gel Series, provides high performance in boats, caravans, caddy carts, solar applications and in applications which similarly require high energy.

Distinguished with features of safety and durability, İnci Battery Gel Series has more cycle life and up to 4 times more deep discharge rate compared to the standard batteries. Designed with the system of sealed lid, the batteries also provides advantage of safe usage indoors. İnci Battery Gel series operates without need of ventilation thanks to its special lid and valve-controlled plug system.

What is a Gel Battery ?
Unlike the conventional ones, these batteries contain gel in a mixture with the electrolyde silica and are maintenance free with a sealed structure. Furthermore, they are resistant to deep discharge with considerably longer cycle life even at high temperature degrees. Thanks to their advanced chemical composition, they feature quick charge and equipped with special separators against short circuits. Even if they are not properly installed, the special plugs provide superior safety.

Technical Features
• Completely sealed maintenance-free
• Electrolyte in solid gel form
• Special grid alloy
• Special pressure relief vent structure
• Strengthened positive plate

Product Advantages
• Deep discharge resistance
• Durable for high temperature applications
• High energy density at every discharge rates
• High usable capacity
• Long cycle life
• Longer life
• Longer shelf life and storage period
• Low self discharge rate
• Resistance to corrosion
• Safe and reliable
• Spill-proof and leak-proof

Click for Gel Series



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